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Copper Kickplate for Doors

Product Code: 0069-KP-1

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28 x 6.5 inch
28 x 8 inch
30 x 6.5 inch
30 x 8 inch
34 x 6.5 inch
34 x 8 inch
36 x 6.5 inch
36 x 8 inch
Yes include mounting holes
No holes
Copper nails
Brass Screws
No hardware

We offer a variety of sizes of copper kick plates. All are made with .040 real copper with a brushed raw finish. They will patina with time. You may wax the copper to protect it, but you can expect color changes.

28 inch for 30-inch doors
30 inch for 32-inch doors
34 inch for 36-inch doors

Height options are 5.5 inches, 6.5 inches, 8 inches.

Mounting hardware options:

  • Solid copper rosehead nails. These copper nails are threaded for stability & hardened for strength. We recommend protecting the head when hammering or use a rubber mallet.
  • Brass screws are also an option.