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Organize by Dog Breed A-Z | Key Holders, House Signs, Leash Hangers

Our office dog, Libby at The Metal Peddler. Also our family furbaby.

Here at The Metal Peddler, we love all dogs!  As we design and create new items, you'll find us oohing and ahhing over different pup photos, admiring the photos you send us of your beloved pets, and generally just wanting to snuggle all the dogs! 

Our office dog, Libby, is a mixed breed Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie that we adopted from The Humane Society, an organization we admire at a local level and are proud to support. She's our 3rd pet we've have the privilege to love from them (though we've since added numbers 4 & 5, a couple of cats). 

We hope you find what you are looking for in our huge collection!!  As we transfer our old website into this new one, the rest of our breed products will show here. If you don't want a specific breed, you can also browse our "General Dog" collection.