A Major Change...

A Major Change...

At the core of our business since its inception has been our copper work. Jason has been honing his skills as a Master Craftsman since the late 90's. As a Journeyman Machinist by trade, he began crafting copper in his apartment, and in 2004, we decided to take that "side hustle" and turn it into a full time business. 


Jason's skills producing stunning copper décor are superb. Beautiful pot racks and incredible range hoods have been our specialty for almost 18 years; we have even shipped copper hoods out to Hawaii, Malaysia, and New Zealand!  After being approached by a designer in 2006 for a hood "smoky metal look", which was featured in multiple magazines over the years, our collection expanded to what's become a major design style across the USA - the rustic industrial look. 


In 2007, we opened another business, Artisan Metal Shop, focusing in the steel area and other metals, cutting metal art. Originally intending to make accessories to compliment our range hood line, one day Jason decided to make a key rack because Danielle was always on the hunt for her keys. After a bit of tweaking and perfecting the design, voila! Our key and leash rack line was developed. 

Since that time, we've probably made and shipped hundreds of thousands of key racks across the country and world! Our dog breed line remains our most popular but it had stiff competition this year with our campers!

All that to say, over the past couple of years, we've felt that draw to wind up our hood business and move our energies full time into our laser work. Earlier this year, we officially closed the hood line (with a couple still to make for clients) and we are giving it our all to one area of our business. Both websites have been merged into this one, our original one, The Metal Peddler. It's come a long way since Danielle built their first version in 2004!  

Here's to the past 18 years of copper! And onto the next chapter with Louie (the Laser).

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