Garden Vegetable Seedling Plant Stakes 4.5" Long

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Vegetable: Artichoke

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Transform your gardening experience with our vibrant metal seedling plant stakes, specially designed for use with seedling trays and small pots. No more worries about fading tags or flimsy markers! Crafted from galvanealed steel, these stakes are incredibly durable and rust-resistant, promising longevity even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Each identification stake, measuring 4.5 inches long, features laser-cut lettering and charming images, allowing you to easily identify your seedlings. With a vibrant array of colors to choose from, including radiant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and regal purples, these stakes add a delightful flair to your gardening setup.

Picture the satisfaction of tending to your seedlings, knowing they're clearly labeled by these sturdy stakes. Furthermore, these stakes are reusable, ensuring they remain a sustainable choice for your gardening needs.

Transform your gardening routine with our American-made colorful plant stakes, ensuring your seedling trays and small pots are organized and charmingly adorned.

Garden Centers and Nurseries: Order wholesale from us AND get a free retail display case with your first eligible order! Contact Danielle for further information and to get set up for your discounts.

About the metal: We use a specialized "galvanealed" steel. Galvanealed means it's specially heat treated at the American mill with zinc so that it's more rust resistant.  It is precision laser cut with our design & lettering, hand-ground to remove burrs, then oven-baked with the powder for a beautiful colorful finish and protective coating.