Lineman Appreciation

Introducing America’s Unsung Heroes – A Look at the Nation's Linemen

For generations, utility linesmen have toiled in obscurity, working out of sight from most of the population but critically important to ensuring the continued functioning of our nation's electrical and communication infrastructure comprising of around 180 million utility poles.

Unrecognized by many yet held in awe for their bravery, dedication, and skill – these unsung heroes are often forgotten as each day passes. In this blog we hope to shine a light on them.

Consider what it takes to be one of these dedicated professionals!

From testing new powerlines in hazardous conditions and restoring service after major storms to working grueling hours amid unexpected obstacles—being a linesman is more than just a job. So together, let us honor and celebrate our hardworking country’s greatest assets—America’s outstanding line workers!


Lineman Appreciation Gift Cards
Lineman Appreciation Gift Cards


Linemen are unsung heroes of the modern world, risking their lives daily to keep electricity running to our homes and businesses. Working on power lines high up in the air and often in extreme weather conditions, these brave men and women train for years to safely maneuver around live power lines and install new ones or repair existing ones.

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To qualify as a linesman, workers must be certified by an accredited organization such as the International Lineman’s Association. This certification requires extensive training that covers topics like electrical safety, rigging techniques, and aerial rescue operations. Once certified, linemen begin their career working with a more experienced lineman.

As you can imagine, the external environment can be dangerous due to unpredictable winds or lightning strikes which may put lives at risk. Linemen must also wear special protective gear such as insulated rubber gloves and boots when dealing with live wires to prevent electrocution.

In addition to the dangers associated with electricity, linesmen have to work in places with extreme temperatures. Freezing cold in winter months or searing heat in summer months can make it difficult for linemen to climb poles and perform their job safely. High levels of humidity can also cause increased stress on the body as well as medical issues like dehydration or heatstroke if they are not adequately prepared or hydrated while working outside.

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The dangerous work that linemen do is an essential service for keeping electricity flowing through our homes and businesses without interruption.

Despite these risks taken by linemen every day, they press forward with courage knowing that they play an important role in keeping our society running smoothly despite the hazardous conditions they face while doing so!

All in all, Lineman Appreciation Day on 18th April 2023 is a special day to honor how linemen sacrifice their safety to bring us the service that we rely on daily.

Although we can’t give them everything they deserve each and every day, it is important to make time to thank the linemen for their dedication and efforts. During storms and power outages lineman risk their lives to restore our services as soon as possible.  Let’s celebrate it by showing some appreciation of these unsung heroes who tirelessly work for us all. Together, let's celebrate lineman appreciation day this year!


Lineman Appreciation Day Gift Cards


Lineman Appreciation Day Gift Cards



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