The Metal Peddler, Inc is a small family- & Veteran-owned company owned by Jason & Danielle, dedicated to providing quality handcrafted copper work and excellent customer service. We are located in Western Pennsylvania and have a small team of craftsmen and women.


Our American Dream


1997: Jason begins making copper lanterns in his apartment with his first 3 in 1 machine.
2004: Giving up his machinist job, Jason and Danielle go full time. Jason starts fabricating with a new shop behind their new house in Virginia, and Danielle builds their first website.
2006: After a move to Pennsylvania, Jason & Danielle incorporate The Metal Peddler and hire a great team. Their copper and metal art business grows as they eventually move from plasma to state of the art fiber laser.


From Jason: The company began after I started working with metal many years ago as a machinist and fabricator. Deciding to set up shop in my back yard, I have spent many years learning to work with metal using hand tools, machines, and properties of metal to manipulate it for form and shape. Over the years I have learned the skills needed to be a Master Craftsman. It's not something you can read in a book; it wasn't something as easy as watching. It was getting into the work hands-on, and striving for success, and sometimes that meant failure. I don't use the words skill, integrity, and craftsmanship lightly. Read more about our journey in our blog!

The Industrial age sealed the fate of the Master Craftsman. Many Master Craftsmen were put out of work and their methods forgotten. It is my goal to revive the master crafts of past days, and offer original pieces of quality craftsmanship and materials. I am pleased to be able to sell my quality made items around the world! The responses that I have gotten have been outstanding, to say the least. More than anything though, I am pleased that so many people now have my work in their homes, gardens and living spaces.

It's great when I get photos and emails from customers that have bought something I made, and learn how much it changed their kitchen and/or garden. Helping people to improve the quality of their own lives is what being a craftsman is all about!
Some of my items are simple, and others more complicated. It's skill, cleverness, and quality that separates Master Craftsmen from Craftsmen. Whenever possible, I combine old materials that I find at the scrap yard, or construction sites with new materials. My most recent copper find is from a Monastery that was built in the early 1900s.

If you want some custom work done for you, whether you have an idea or would like me to design you something unique from pot racks to garden pieces, please e-mail me. Custom doesn't mean high price; it means it's made just for you.

I am doing Custom work for my clients all the time. My feedback & testimonials reflect how people genuinely feel about my service and products. You will get a well-made product, I don't cut corners.