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Size: 4x4 Fence Post Caps | Copper & Stainless Steel

Order between 10 and 49 post caps, save 5%</span><br><span>Order between&nbsp;50 and 99 post caps, save 8%<br>Order 100 fence post caps or more, save 12%

4x4 Copper & Stainless Steel Fence Caps

Not all 4x4 posts are the same!  Be sure to check the size you need.

The most common post size is 3 1/2 inches which would need the Nominal 4x4 (inside dimension is 3 5/8 inch). 
If your post is actually 4 inches, select the Full 4x4 (inside dimension is 4 1/8 inch).

If your post is in between sizes, you might either have to use a shim and size up, or shave the sides of your post and size down on the cap.

Bulk order discounts: When you order 10 or more fence post caps in the pyramid or ball design, you'll automatically receive a discount at the shopping cart! (Cannot be combined with discount codes).

* Our fence post caps are now all imported from India. We no longer make any fence caps in house and can no longer offer custom sizing.