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Cat Key Holders

We love our kitties! At The Metal Peddler, we currently have 2 cats, Chloe a Calico and Penny, a medium haired gray. We love to honor them and our beloved cats of the past with our metal art! 

Art meets functionality

Are you the type of person who wastes a lot of time searching for car keys or charger cables? Does your entryway usually have a mess of keys, dog leashes and other items piled on a tabletop? Those car keys, the kids' ear buds and the dog's leash just clutter up your space, get lost, or even get damaged when they don't have their own place.

With 2 sizes to choose from, there's no reason anymore to put up with lost keys and tabletop clutter. 

If so, it's probably time to set up a designated space for all these things. The cat key hangers with 5 hooks aren't just good looking and high quality, they provide that place to clear up the clutter and to keep the items safe from loss and damage.