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Pot Rack Hooks for Kitchen Pot Racks, Retail Displays, Trade Shows

Order one of our popular storage hook designs below - made for hanging pots & pans, but they are also used to hang bags & clothing at trade shows & in retail stores! These are attractive and durable hooks for displaying, storing and organizing.

Thickness of the hooks: 
Our MAX hooks are 3/16" round bar. All other hooks are half hardened 1/8" round bar, not wire

Material: Our pot rack hooks are solid copper, solid brass, and stainless steel. These are raw material with no coating or finish.

Uses: The metal S hooks and MAX Hooks are often used around the home for hanging pots & pans or plants, but for years we've been making hooks for business & industrial settings too, for hanging jeans, bags and tank tops from S hooks in retail stores, factories and at trade shows.