Farm & Tractor Key Holders

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Cow and Calf Farm Key HolderLosing car keys is not only a problem for people with memory issues, it's an issue that affects everyone. The average person spends 2.5 days annually looking for misplaced items & many Americans are often late for work or school because they spend up to 10 minutes looking for their car keys. With so many things to do and our minds preoccupied, it can be easy to forget even the smallest of tasks. Not to mention, trying to find lost items such as keys, dog leashes, earbuds and charging cables in a cluttered environment - like the drop zone by the front door or kitchen counters - can be really frustrating.


"A place for everything and everything in its place" as the saying goes.

Effective organization helps reduce clutter and the risk of misplacing important items. This is not only more orderly, functional, and attractive, it allows a smoother transition in and out of the home or office. A designated spot close to the doorway makes it easier to remember to hang up keys and where find them again.

Back in 2007, we got tired of boring storage (and losing our keys!) and we upped the game with attractive key racks that double up as stylish wall décor for your entryway, garage, office, mudroom or anywhere you need a few useful hooks on the wall.

Compare the small key holder and the large leash hanger

Our farm themed key holders are available in 2 sizes for different needs and spaces: 

  • 6 inches wide (with 5 hooks that are 5/8" deep)
  • 9 inches wide (with 5 hooks that are 1" deep for holding chunkier items)
  • Strong with a durable finish: the solid American steel has an oven-baked black powder coat finish for durability. This makes it scratch and rust resistant.
  • 1" matching black Philips screws are provided so you can easily mount to your wall as soon as it arrives.
  • The rounded smoothed hooks won't catch or snag on you as you walk by.  When mounted at head height, that's important! 
  • The 16-gauge steel is strong so you can easily hang up to 3 pounds on each hook without any concern. The larger racks can hold up to 5 pounds per hook.
  • These are very attractive, so while fully functional, it's also a beautiful piece of metal art. Makes a beautiful housewarming, birthday or Christmas gift for country décor, camp and cabins.

Art meets functionality

Are you the type of person who wastes a lot of time searching for car keys or charger cables? Does your entryway usually have a mess of keys, dog leashes and other items piled on a tabletop? Those car keys, the kids' ear buds and the dog's leash just clutter up your space, get lost, or even get damaged when they don't have their own place.

With 2 sizes to choose from, there's no reason anymore to put up with lost keys and tabletop clutter. 

If so, it's probably time to set up a designated space for all these things. The farm themed key hangers with 5 hooks aren't just good looking and high quality, they provide that place to clear up the clutter and to keep the items safe from loss and damage. 

$13.99 USD
$12.99 USD