We make our own products and do sell them in a few places. A limited number of retail stores in the USA carry our inventory and a few online marketplaces (this website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon).

Important Note: we ONLY sell under the brand name The Metal Peddler (and at one time Artisan Metal Shop). On Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, only The Metal Peddler stores are legitimate.

If you see our photos and products under any other brand name, it is not our product. Other "sellers" claim to sell our products on sites like Walmart but they are not legitimate and there is no guarantee you will even receive a product as they do not have any purchasing contract with us.

If in doubt, contact us! We stand by our quality of the product and finish, but cannot warranty any product that wasn't purchased from us or an authorized seller.