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Silhouette with cypher
Silhouette with dates only
Silhouette with cypher and dates
All 3 styles

Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Christmas Tree Ornament.

We ship to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. They will be shipped with tracking.  For customers outside of the USA, you may be liable to pay for your country's customs & excise taxes upon delivery. 

These beautiful hanging ornaments celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  They make wonderful commemorative gifts for friends and family who loved The Queen.

Danielle, co owner of The Metal Peddler, is a proud dual citizen of USA and United Kingdom, and chose to create these gorgeous ornaments to memorialize the longest reigning monarch of the UK, Queen Elizabeth II. In 2022, Her late Majesty The Queen celebrated her platinum jubilee (70th anniversary as Queen of England) and sadly passed away in September of this same year. 

This ornament is Danielle's tribute; the 3 inch design uses the classic silhouette of the Queen, as seen for decades on a British stamp and coins. EIIR stands for Elizabeth II Regina (Regina is Latin for Queen). Each ornament is supplied with a piece of ribbon to hang from a Christmas tree or ornament hanger. 


1. There are 3 choices of design

  • A simple silhouette of the Queen with her Royal cypher EIIR.
  • The same silhouette with the dates 1926-2022, signifying her years of birth and death.
  • A combination of the silhouette, Royal cypher, and dates.

2. Color options:

  • Our standard black powder coat.
  • Silver powder coat (satin silver, not glittery)

MADE IN USA: State of the art laser cutting is combined with handcrafted finishing, all done in Pennsylvania, USA with 18-gauge American steel. The steel is milled from up to 70% recycled steel and turned into new high quality steel sheets.

The powder we use for coating is also made in Pennsylvania. 

Unlike most of our other products, we chose a lighter weight metal for practical use on the branches of Christmas trees. 

Thanks for supporting American manufacturers and veteran-owned small businesses.