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Mini Key Racks - 2 Hook Hangers for Small Spaces

Cute dog and cat heart key holder

The funnest and cutest of range of key holders made here in the US.  Our mini key rack series was designed to pack the most fun and functionality into your small spaces. The key holders are 3.5 inches wide with 2 hooks to hang your keys and other small items.

Losing keys is a troublesome burden that many of us struggle with at times, keeping us late for work or school. The clutter can also be an eyesore with keys and leashes dropped in a mess on the counter or tabletop. 

Not only are these cute talking points with visitors and guests, they are really practical too. Don't be fooled by how little they are - just a little longer than a credit card, they have 2 sturdy hooks that can hang up to 3 pounds each!  At 3/4" depth, you can fit your keys or small items like ear buds, necklaces, and charger cables. 

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