(8-1/8) Full 8x8 Copper Pyramid Fence post cap

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Inside dimension: 8-1/8 inches

To fit post: 8 inches.

** Measure your posts before ordering. Not all 8x8 measure the same. **

  • Our copper pyramids are made with the thickest copper for fences and are completely seamless, made from one piece of copper.  
  • The sides are 3/4" long and we provide beautiful copper nails (2 per cap).
  • Over time, the copper will develop a beautiful patina. 
  • The color of the patina will depend on the environment: water, salty air, acid rain, sap from trees, pollen are just some of the factors that will affect the copper patina. Rich antique copper penny brown is the most common, but you may see other coloration too, not forgetting verde gris (green).  That may take many many years to achieve, if at all.

Copper fence post caps & finials not only add a great finished look to your fence and deck posts, but they also protect the wood for many years. Fence post caps prevent water seeping into the top of the post, reducing the chance of water damage that causes splitting or rotting -ultimately saving you time and money in future years. 

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