Porch Peeper - Frog Wall Art for indoors and outdoors

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You know spring is here when you hear those peepers croaking, conjuring images of warm light nights outside!

Our metal wall frogs hang on the corner of your wall, fence post, or porch!  They are bent to fit on a corner, with holes for mounting.

Screw to the corner of a post or wall. Each frog is 8 inches long. The body and legs are bent so that it wraps approx 3 inches each side and will fit on a standard 4x4 post or bigger. These frogs are adorable and fun yard decor! When we take them to festivals, we sell out!

EASY MOUNTING - Matching screws are included so you can easily mount it to the corner of a fence, porch post, or wall.

MADE IN USA - Made in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel! Thanks for supporting American Manufacturers & Veteran-owned small businesses.

STRONG & DURABLE - the solid steel has an oven-baked lightly textured powder coat finish for durability and rust resistance, making it suitable for interior or exterior mounting.