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14.5” Key Hanger or 14.5” Medal Hanger

Weight limit: 4 pounds per hook.

This product was designed to hang keys, medals/ribbons, and similar small items. For most situations, the screws provided will be sufficient to hang the key holder and keys.

If you feel that your wall will not hold the weight and you need something more substantial, you may:

  • Mount the key hanger in a location where at least one screw will be in a wall stud;
  • Use wall anchors suitable for the type of wall you have (not provided);
  • Or use adhesive strips (be sure to select those with a rating adequate for the weight).


Image shows a 14.5 inch hanger with holes spaces at 13.75 inches; a Philips screwdriver and a screw

To mount directly onto the wall with the screws provided,

  • Locate the desired position of one of the screw holes.
  • The center of 2nd screw hole will be 13.75 inches away (34.9 cm) and you can mark this with a pencil on the wall.
  • At this point, if you have chosen to use anchors, you will drill holes over the 2 marks and insert the wall anchors.
  • Align both holes over the marked positions and using a screwdriver (or electric screwdriver) and the screws provided, mount the piece onto the wall.