Bird Feeder: Fruit Holder and Suet Ball Hanger

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Attract orioles, woodpeckers and more with this fruit holder for birds. Or add fat balls with seeds for other birds too.  This piece is made from raw steel and is designed to rust in the weather so it blends into a rustic landscape.

Size: 7 inches diameter on the outside and will hold a piece of fruit up to 4+ inches.

The center prong folds down to make a perch for the birds, leaving to pointed prongs to stick fruit onto. NOTE the prongs are sharp! Use care.

Use your own string, chain or wire.
There are 3 mounting holes - you may use either the top center one, or the 2 at the side. Then hang to a tree or shepherd's hook.

Fruit: use half an orange, pear, apples, purple grapes, or unsweetened dried fruit.

MADE IN USA from 16-gauge American steel