Boer Goat Mini Key Rack with 2 hooks

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The goat section of the local county farm show is always a favorite! Your goat keeper will be thrilled with this adorable goat key hanger (key keeper!) And if they are in 4H or FFA and not quite driving yet, the 2 hooks have all kinds of uses around the house.   Our  mini key holder series was designed to pack the most fun and functionality into your small spaces. At 3.5 inches wide (89mm),  this is a great size for storing a set of keys or other small item.  
The hooks are 3/4" deep and can be used to hang keys and key chains, small leashes, lanyards, or ribbons and medals.  
  • Matte Black Finish: The powder coat is oven baked to ensure a long-lasting durable product. This makes it scratch and rust resistant. Matching black screws are provided.
  • MADE IN USA:  State of the art laser cutting is combined with handcrafted finishing, all done in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel, making it nicely detailed, with smooth edges and strong hooks.  
Thanks for supporting American manufacturers and veteran-owned small businesses.