Coyote House Address Sign

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Looking for something different and unique to give your home some personality? This Coyote house sign can be personalized with the numbers of your home, making a great wall mounted address plaque. Crafted from high quality metal and coated with a black, powder-based finish for long-lasting durability. Coyotes are very intelligent creatures, and this design perfectly captures their cunning and sneaky behavior. Bring the wildlife to your front porch for you and your guest to admire while visibly displaying your home address.

Size: 12 inches wide

Personalize up to 6 numbers. Height of the numbers is approx. 3 - 4 inches but will vary depending on your house number. We will center the number and size to fit well in the frame.

  • Matte Black Finish: The powder coat is oven baked to ensure a long-lasting durable product. This makes it scratch and rust resistant. Matching black screws are provided.

MADE IN USA: State of the art laser cutting is combined with handcrafted finishing, all done in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel! The steel is milled from up to 70% recycled steel and turned into new high quality steel sheets.

Thanks for supporting American manufacturers and veteran-owned small businesses.