Decorative Scroll A10 Wall Art Magnetic Memo

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Size: 8 inch x 11 inch

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Lovely scroll set into a memo board. This is magnetic so you can hang papers, photos & pictures, shopping lists and memos with your favorite magnets. (Magnets not included)

Size options: 8 inch x 11 inch or 11 inch x 17inch

  • Matte Black Finish: The powder coat is oven baked to ensure a long-lasting durable product. This makes it scratch and rust resistant. Matching black screws are provided.

MADE IN USA:  State of the art laser cutting is combined with handcrafted finishing, all done in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel! The steel is milled from up to 70% recycled steel and turned into new high quality steel sheets.

Thanks for supporting American manufacturers and veteran-owned small businesses.