(6-1/8 inch) Full 6x6 Stainless Steel Pyramid Fence post cap

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Inside dimension: 6-1/8 inches  
To fit post: 6 inches.

Bulk order discounts:  When you order 10 or more fence post caps in the pyramid or ball design, you'll automatically receive a discount at the shopping cart! (Cannot be combined with discount codes). Order between 10 and 49 post caps, save 5%
Order between 50 and 99 post caps, save 8%
Order 100 or more, save 12%

** Measure your posts before ordering. Not all 6x6 measure the same. **

* Our fence post caps are imported from India. We no longer make any fence caps in house.

  • The sides are 3/4" long and we provide stainless steel screws (2 per cap).
  • 304 stainless steel - corrosive resistant. Magnet tested - not magnetic.
  • Real stainless steel screws are included.

Fence post caps & finials not only add a great finished look to your fence and deck posts, but they also protect the wood for many years. Fence post caps prevent water seeping into the top of the post, reducing the chance of water damage that causes splitting or rotting ultimately saving  you  time and money in future years.  

The lifespan of a wooden fence post is directly connected to several factors: the type and quality of the wood, how it was treated (or not) & protected, and the quality of the fence post toppers, caps or finials.  At the top of every post, there is exposed open grain  where the wood was cut across, either flat or at an angle. These open sections give ample opportunity for water to penetrate into the wood itself, causing rot from the inside out, weakening the post & making it unsafe and unsightly.  

Lumber costs are higher than ever, so we know you don't want to risk that costly replacement any time soon!  You spent far too much money €”and possibly labor €”on that wooden fence and the wooden posts to let that happen. Precautions, such as treating, staining, and painting all help. What will stop the water seeping into that top for longer than anything else is a metal fence post cap or topper.  

Our stainless steel fence caps provide a seamless barrier for protection. With slightly angled sides and edges, the water is kept off the top and upper edge of your wooden post, keeping that area dry and weather proof for many decades.