Karate Side Kick (Female) Medal Rack Display with Custom Options

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Celebrate Her Martial Arts Journey with Our Karate Side Kick Medal Rack Display!

Looking for a meaningful gift for the karateka in your life? Our Karate Side Kick (Female) Medal Rack Display is the perfect choice for celebrating her achievements.

This medal hanger is 14.5 inches long (36.8 cm) with 10 evenly spaced, strong hooks that can hold several pounds each. The durable powder-coated finish ensures longevity, and matching screws are provided for easy installation.

Options: Personalize the rack with her name (up to 7 letters) for a custom change fee, adding a special touch to her display.

Versatile Use: This rack is not just for medals—it's perfect for organizing keys, key chains, lanyards, small flashlights, or ribbons and medals, belts, ties, jewelry, and even face masks. It's a great addition to any space, from gyms and studios to bedrooms and offices.

Showcase Her Achievements: Order your Karate Side Kick (Female) Medal Rack Display today and give a gift that honors her dedication and hard work in martial arts.

Made in the USA.

  • studio or medal display area
  • at home in the foyer
  • office
  • bedroom or closet
  • kids' bedrooms
  • kitchen for storage
  • man cave or she shed

Medal Holder Size: 14.5 inches wide, 6 inches high with 10 hooks. Strong metal display rack that can hold up to 18 pounds of medals, ribbons or personal items when installed correctly.

STRONG! This is made from 16 gauge top quality steel (1/16" thick) and can easily hold your medals or other small items - lanyards, belts, scarves, purses or even jewelry or your face mask!

DURABLE FINISH: this has a baked-on powder coated finish for durability and rust resistance. Matching black screws are provided for easy installation (wall anchors not provided)  

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D S Feldman
Girl power

Finally, a belt holder for women/girls! There should be even more of there