Palm Tree Key Hanger – Tropical Elegance

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Size: 6 inch wide
Style: 3 Palm Trees
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Organize Keys, Embrace Tranquility

Tired of searching for your keys amidst the chaos? Our Palm Tree Key Hanger not only keeps your keys in one place but also brings the serenity of the tropics to your home. Featuring three palm tree silhouettes cut from high-quality American steel, this key hanger is both durable and stylish, with a sleek black powder-coated finish.

Perfect for beach homes or for those who want to remember their favorite vacation destination as a lasting souvenir.

Customization Options:

  • Personalized Name or Favorite Vacation Beach: Add a personal touch by having a name or the name of your favorite vacation beach cut from the metal bar.
  • Sun Image: Choose whether to include the image of the sun for a more complete tropical theme.


  • Material: Premium American steel
  • Design: Three palm tree silhouettes, adding a touch of tropical elegance
  • Finish: Sleek black powder coating for durability and style

Size Options:

  • Small Palm Tree Key Hanger: 6 inches wide with 5 hooks (approx ¾” deep) – Compact and practical, ideal for organizing keys and small accessories.
  • Large Palm Tree Key Hanger: 9 inches wide with 5 hooks (approx 1” deep) – Spacious and stylish, perfect for those who need more room for keys and additional items.

Bring a sense of calm to your daily routine. Say goodbye to frantic key searches and welcome the tranquility of the tropics into your life. Order your Palm Tree Key Hanger today and enjoy a more organized and serene space!  

MADE IN USA:  State of the art laser cutting is combined with handcrafted finishing, all done in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel! The steel is milled from up to 70% recycled steel and turned into new high quality steel sheets.
Thanks for supporting American manufacturers and veteran-owned small businesses.

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