Pollinator Plant & Perennial Garden Stake with Butterfly or Bee

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Insect Choice: Bee
Word Choice: Pollinator
Color: Regular Purple
Raspberry Pink
Metallic Purple
Regular Purple

Spring arrives and heralds new growth, but amidst the emerging foliage, it's easy to second-guess what's sprouting - is that a weed or did I plant something there?

Guess no longer! We have designed and made these beautifully crafted plant tags that end the guessing game. With these tags, you'll instantly recognize your cherished perennials and pollinator-friendly plants, saving you time and effort in nurturing your garden, knowing what to pull as soon as it pokes up from the soil.

Our stakes are 9" long designed for quick and easy plant identification, preventing any mix-ups or misplacements. Made from rust-resistant American galvanealed steel, these stakes are durable, ensuring they remain a reliable gardening companion for years to come.

Transform your garden into a haven of certainty and beauty with our plant tags.

Design options: 

  • Bee or Butterfly
  • Perennial or Pollinator
  • Choose your color!

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