Copper Vs. Copper Plated Steel

Copper Vs. Copper Plated Steel

Why buy real copper instead of copper plated steel?

Despite the increasing costs of our basic raw material, solid copper, we refuse to compromise on quality as many of our competitors have done by switching to copper plated steel.

Copper plating can look great to start with. Your product is nice & shiny, easy to keep clean. But what happens over time?

 Featured image at the top of the page: a comparison of a 7-year-old copper plated piece against a 50-year-old real copper bowl.

Over time, plating begins to wear thin, either from cleaning, wear & tear or environmental factors. The thinning copper plate looks patchy & ugly as the underlying metal shows through. If exposed to humidity or moisture, that underlying metal can begin to rust, making the whole thing even more unsightly.

Real, heavy duty copper will last for centuries. A natural patina occurs as copper oxidizes but it will not rust or break down.  Even roofing copper, which is much thinner than the copper we use, will last many years

When you are purchasing a copper product, if it doesn't state real or solid copper, be sure to ask! "Copper color", "copper coated", "copper plated" - none of this means the same as real copper & if you're paying copper prices, be sure to get what you pay for!

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